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A blessing of God unto the people of Kashmir, Nundreshi(RA) was a saint of Reshi order. He is also known as Taj-ul-Awliyai Kashmir (Crown of the Saints of Kashmir), Alamdar-I-Kashmir (Flag bearer of the people of Kashmir), Shiekh-Ul-Alam (Leader of the world) and Noor-Ud-Din Noorani. Nundreshi(RA) was not only a preacher of Islam but at the same time he was a poet, philosopher, environmentalist, linguist, scientist and a traveller. Nundreshi(RA) is not revered highly only by Muslims but people from all religions. Nundreshi(RA) lived his whole life in simplicity spreading the teachings of Islam to every nook and corner of Kashmir. He   almost travelled across the whole valley to teach the Islam in its purest form. The simplicity and purity of life Nundreshi(RA) had, deeply impressed the Kashmiri`s who entertain the highest veneration for the saint. In fact, the Afghan governor, Ata Muhammad Khan, minted coins which were struck by him in the name of Sheikh Noor-Ud-Din Noorani(RA) in 1223-25 A.H. No other saint perhaps in human history has ever had coins struck in his honour.  Nundreshi`s(RA) is the lone son of the soil whose poetry is society based and not a mere fun for beauty and love. It is in the 14th Century that this man gave a new mode and momentum in poetic panorama. His poetry is a clear message to mankind irrespective of colour and creed. His verses imply to social, moral, cultural, political, historical, mental and practical spheres of life. The overall message is for the welfare, upliftment, equity and equality of mankind. Nundreshi`s(RA) sayings have been preserved and when read, not only provide a deep insight of the history or make one aware of the real teachings of Islam but these sayings also known as “shruik” act as a source of soul purification and mental alleviation.